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About Us

Established in 2010 with an I.P.D, O.P.D & Diagnostic Lab in 2013. Practical experience obtained in the past leads us to success in each & every field. If modern diagnostic methods are used to diagnose ailments & treated with ancient unani  medicines, the results will be sure, encouraging & without side effects. The same idea lead us to establish a hospital in 2010 with gradual establishment of modern tools for diagnosis which now include a sophisticated diagnostic lab, a P-5 U.S.G. machine & a Digital X-Ray plant.

We  introduced regimental therapies since 2010 which are  without side effects & give immediate relief , starting with cupping & medicinal  Leech therapy. Now we are also providing  Nutool,  Naesya, Steam bath, Kshar Sutra (for piles) & herbal skin care. We have recently introduced Relax therapy, Weight management programme & Laser therapy for unwanted Hair growth. The results are encouraging & we endeavour to vasten our experience to other parts of J & K. We also plan to guide fellow junior Doctors in following our foot  steps.



To lead the evolution of health care, to enable every member of the community, we serve, to enjoy a better, healthier life. To involve professionals in guiding freshers in building their confidence in the pathy & widen the benefits of different facilities to different corners of J & K.


  • To ensure   accessible & affordable quality health care by compassionate medical professional to all.
  • To be  the centre of excellence for medical research & Academics.
  • To cultivate an environment of Trust, honesty, mutual respect, equality & ethics.

Chairman’s Message

Asalaam –u- aliakum

Welcome to the Haya Hospital. These have been  very productive years for Haya Hospital, Since 2010, with the addition of many new services such as Ultrasound, Digital X-Ray and a well developed lab.

With eminent  leading Doctors each practice in Haya Hospital , we are committed to deliver world class health care to increasing number of people who have to consider  Haya Hospital their preferred choice in J & K. Our outstanding team of Nurses, Technical & support staff strive to ensure the best possible treatment outcomes as well as providing an unparalled experience  at Haya Hospital.

We recognize technology play vital role in delivering superior health care and hence we invest continuously in procuring the best of equipment to serve our patients. We  are enthusiastic about our hospital as a trusted leader in providing high quality health care with a reputation for patient care, performance and  sustained growth.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about us. We will be happy to receive your input which will help us to provide sustained improvement in health care for years to come. In Shaa Allah.

With warm regards.

Dr. Feroz  Naqashbandi